Havana Motor Club


Carlos is Rey's biggest rival. He builds and races cars for his patron Saul, a Miami-based Cuban-American who personally delivers any replacement parts he needs for his two cars: a 1956 Chevrolet known as “The Exterminator” & a modern coupe that looks like a Porsche, registered as a Mitsubishi and houses an enormous Chevy V8 engine. Carlos will use both cars - each souped up with top-of-the-line racing parts - to challenge Rey's current reign as champion... assuming he can keep them from falling apart.


After crippling his hand in an accident, Jote struggles to make ends meet as an unlicensed mechanic.  He turns to drag racing as an escape from his day-to-day life.  His ’51 Ford, the “Black Widow,” has the biggest motor in Cuba, since it was taken off the ocean floor from a sunken boat used to smuggle Cubans to Miami; he plans to make that trip himself one day.


Piti was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, and although the treatment was successful, he knows it could strike again at any moment. Fiercely patriotic yet unafraid to speak out against the government, Piti is a rebellious child of the Revolution. He lives for his wife and son, as well as his 1956 Ford, “Bucephalus”, named after Alexander the Great’s horse.


Eduardo is the hothead of the group, always provoking fights among the other racers. He’s obsessed with winning and consumed by not having the same access to outside resources that others have.  What he can’t buy, he makes, and his ‘56 Chevrolet, “The Missile of El Cerro”, contains many secrets.